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Fan Engagement: The New Way to Create Effective Digital Marketing


Content is king. Narrative is Queen. Together they rule your fan engagement.

For creative industries - film, TV, Podcasts, Games, publishing (anything aside from sport!) - fan and audience engagement is a combination of creating writing, photography and/or filming, placed on digital channels and in turn provokes funny, slick, sad, emotional and/or satirical feelings – it’s that THING which makes people react with a HEART, a RAINBOW or PUKE emoji. Bottom line is that you don’t require large budgets to engage your audience online.

The creative writing needs to ooze the brand. If you are a comedy then make people laugh with your writing on EVERY post – people are checking in because of the writing – so make sure it’s doing it’s thing on social just like it is in the script.

And if it’s a visual product like photography or short or feature films – your pages should be high design and stunning.

You need to engage your audience and fans on all levels, even the most basic: Eg. when there’s a considered comment on a post you should LIKE or COMMENT on the post – get the conversation going with your people.

The ‘engagement’ of your audience and fan is primarily through original and bold content and if you are using Facebook and Instagram ads, your ROI will reap exceptionally better returns – our campaigns show at least 50% better conversion rates than the published stats by Facebook.

Some people don’t even know they are a ‘fan’ – it’s fantastic to see campaigns develop and watching people, for the first time, starting to react and click on a regular basis, sometimes weekly and sometimes daily. They have become fans before they know it!

How do we create better return for client’s money on ads using fan engagement?

Creating strong content (film, writing and photography) coupled with re-targeting to fans via custom audiences gives you the best option for return on your investment (ROI) of the ad budget.


How do you make a custom audience?

Facebook and Instagram tracks your audience from day 1 using your Facebook pixel. If you strategically place content early on in the campaign/launch of your social channels (say a trailer or clip), Facebook/Instagram will track the people who watched that content for at least 50% of the clip/film’s duration. It’s these people that will make up your custom audience and the new ads will be only targeted at them (making the ad campaign more efficient and cost effective). On these audiences, you can then create look a like audiences which will widen the social reach of your ad effectively.

Putting the two together – ad strategy (custom audiences) and content (the king and queen)  – you will see your ROI rise significantly.

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