Fan engagement is driven primarily by creative social media writing, responding and adapting to fans conversation and fan target marketing.

Fan engagement can drive the marketing of films, projects and companies single handedly.

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We place high return and cost effective ads on social media and use analytics and tagging on your website to market to your site visitors. We produce effective e-mail newsletter campaigns and strategies to directly contact your people and fans. 

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Digital content lies at the heart of all campaigns. We produce short form content to tell your story and create your campaign. 

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We create your calls to action on social media, host live social media events and provide daily verified management of your Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat, Linkedin and Instagram accounts.

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We work with a team of experienced designers to create key design brand recognition on all your channels of communication - social media through to website.

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We work with global PR agencies to create a press and media strategy for your digital campaign. 

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We work with top website designers and interactive experts to create the perfect website for your campaign.

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There are new ways for filmmakers to distribute their films - we develop campaigns for fans and mobilize them to host cinema screenings which creates a healthy box office and effective cost efficient marketing.


Fanslike Agency is a global company with offices in Brighton and Liverpool.

Drop us a line and tell us about your project, we’d love to hear from you.